DIAR DIARY アンジェラ5回目


This is my 5th diary “How to guide or treat a man ” I hope you will read this until the end. 

his diary is all about one middle age man’s adventures in Angeles City, Philippines after hours. The bars, all night disco’s and the many massage shops where a single guy can end up with a great oil massage and the optional happy ending. I found out that in Angeles City that a middle age guy like me with enough dollars in your wallet makes you a most handsome man to every Filipino bargirl you’ll meet! It doesn’t matter if you’re fat and bald or ugly as a pig there are plenty of pretty bargirls waiting to make you feel like a celebrity! The Philippines is a place where I found out that you can have sex from mid-afternoon to 5am the next morning with multiple girls or you can just go for the girlfriend experience as Filipino girls speak English so they’re easy and fun to spend time with! Some of the wild stories I write about sound almost too wild and crazy to be true yet they are! Did I spend a lot of time in the pursuit spending intimate time with young beautiful Filipino girls in the bars, massage shops and discos night after night? Yes, I did! It’s not for everyone but for single or divorced guys the nightlife can be heaven on earth especially if you’re over age 50. Back in a western country let’s face it unless you’re a millionaire the ladies look at you like a dead man walking. In the Philippines, attractive girls in short, tight dresses will make you feel like a young man again. Do the bar girls and massage shop workers also think you’re a walking ATM machine? Sure, they do! But is that any different from a woman in the west that wants to know what kind of job you have, car you drive and how new it is and whether you rent or own your home before she ever decides to go out on a date with you? Make no mistake, partying with 20-year-old girls in the bars and discos of Angeles City can be addictive and even dangerous at times but that’s Angeles City After Hours. The alternative is to stay home, grow old and wait until you flat line and fall face down into a bowl of oatmeal at the nursing home when you’re 85 years old. Personally, I’d rather flat line with a 20-year-old Filipino girl that I picked up from an all-night disco riding me hard until my heart pops like a balloon. We all have to go sometime. But some ways are better than others. What will you choose? If I can do it then you can too! What are you waiting for? How to guide for men” to party like a rockstar in the Philippines with Filipino bargirls!

yes! Thats what the costumer in their mind, and how complicated here and what in the mind of the girl when you are from other party! 

I hope you will enjoy this , Thank you. From: Angela.







































個人的には、20歳のフィリピン人の女の子と一直線になりたいと思っています。徹夜でディスコから拾い上げて、心臓が風船のように飛び出すまで一生懸命乗らせてみたいです( riding me hard )。


We all have to go sometime.

( 私達は何時かは(天国?)へ行かなければいけません。)

But some ways are better than others.

( でも、幾つかの道は他の道よりも楽しいかも知れません。 )

What will you choose?

( あなたはどんな道を歩みますか ❓ )

If I can do it then you can too!

( 私ができるなら、あなたもできます! )

What are you waiting for?

( 一体、何を待っているのですか ❓ )










『 可愛いピーナと一緒にロックスターのようにパーティーをするための男性向けガイド 』



はい! 貴方が他のパーティーから来た時。



I hope you will enjoy this , Thankyou.


From: Angela.

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