Biggest Challenges this year.



Biggest Challenges this year. Month of July when I found out I was pregnant from my Taiwanese friend. It was a big mistake this what happened before I got pregnant.

Night 1 he messaged me if I could buy him some medicines for his colds as a friend I alsways take risk going out to help other people.

I met him at the lobby of the hotel where he stays at and gave him the medicines and soup for him to eat.

Though I’m out of cash I helped him because he is a friend of mine.

Then I left , he messaged me to thank me for helping him out. The next day morning , he messaged me again that he felt better because of the medicines I gave him.

We kept on messaging each other the whole day. when it became night time he asked if I could accompany him to Drink inside his hotel. I trusted him so I came.

We drunk 5 liter bottles of redhorse and talked about a lot of things. I got so drunk that night and couldn’t manage to go home. So he let me sleep on his bed beside him. I know I was stupid for being so careless that night.

And that was the night when we had sex.

I was too weak to not to let him do it. After we did it I was afraid because what if I got pregnant.

The next morning I went home and slept for more time. Around 12 noon he messaged me if I wanted to eat pizza with him. Then I did because he also asked me to help him go out and get the things he needed.

I helped him out but, around 2pm it was scary. While walking outside together going back to the hotel Taiwanese guys were blocking him and talking to him and shouting I was afraid then police people came to catch him.

I never knew that all this time i was with a criminal. He owes a lot of money because of his business went down. I cried soon as I get home. Mixed of fear and confused.

Before judging him I thought of what if its a set up. weeks passes by he messaged me told me that he was sorry for letting me see what happened that day. 7th week, I felt weird i got dizzy and started to have morning sickness .

The moment i checked menstruation calender I was a month delayed. So I went out bought a pregnancy test. And used it soon as I got home. Then damn! tears fell from my eyes when I saw 2 lines.

I was pregnant so I messaged him and asked him ” what if I’m pregnant and you’re the father?” I know his the father because he was the only I had sex with that time. He replied woth joy and told me that he was happy about it and he will fix his problems then he will see me and our soon to be baby. He told me to wait for him.

Then one night of first week of August 1guy messaged me and told me everything about the father of my baby I was confused because the guy told me that Mike was planning to scape from the crime he made. And plannong to go back to Taiwan.

At first I did not believe him. Because I am also messaging Mike about what I found out and he promised me that what the guy told me was all a lie .

August 13 , I messaged him but he never replied for many days. I started to worried that what of the guy was telling the truth about Mike’s plan. day by day started to feel pain inside my stomach. August 17 the guy messaged me again and sent me the flight details of Mike going back to Taiwan soon as I saw it I cried and cried few days passed by I felt so much pain and started bleeding my family rushed me to the hospital. I lost my baby.

I had a miscarriage due to stress and lock of sleep. That day I was full of pain and anger for what happened to me and my baby. For what Mike betrayed me. That day I promised myself not to trust any guy and will not let any guy to fool me again.

Since then I never hear anything from Mike again. He blocked me from every communication ways we had before.