I like the guy who eating and licking good and romance with passionate kiss and hold to my body (slow) and he really where is tickle in my body and licking fast my clitoris in my vagina , its make me finish easily and my knee was like grounded feel and make my body wants more, and use your middle finger to play in my inside and my wet pussy lick it , aaaaah!! make me horny more , and after that i want to exchange position, i will suck and lick your hard dick faster , and you two balls , i will suck it. for a longtime and let me drive first , im in your top and i will drive you like crazy, and i want to see your face moan , ahh! im horny! and after i drive , do a dogstyle for me , and pull in your hard dick and faster ,faster and more. And hold my waist and my hair hard , i dont like boring sex , and after dogstyle, turn me around , fuck my pussy more and more ….. And please lick my neck and play with your tongue in my nipples, I want fuck with a guy for 5 minutes to 15 minutes,its depends if we are drunk or not, and how we’re good we are in the bed. But dont fuck my ass thats only one virgin in my body, i have mouth and pussy for your dick. 

I have a costumer before and we having sex for a Hours! Because we longtime sex because he good at all in the sex , and im crazy to feel it . and he make me wet all the time we are together in the room , he fucked me in the front of the mirror in the table ,in the sofa , and also in the kitchen thats what we doing  , i like to blowjob him because of his dick is very clean.

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